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Dear Friend,


DO NOT mistake our low prices for a lack of quality.  The most common feedback I receive about my Fender Hooks once they're in the hands of our customers is what a high quality product they are and how hard it is to tell the quality on the Internet.  This is an ongoing issue that I am always trying to overcome, but it’s not that easy.


Very often consumers, myself included, associate price with quality which is not an unreasonable assumption.  One thought I had was to simply raise my prices so that consumers might think, higher price = high quality.  Clearly this thought process exited my mind as quickly as it entered it as it conflicts with the culture of my company, which is to consistently offer high quality products at reasonable prices, based on controlled cost, not emotion or the assumption that boaters will simply pay more because it’s for their boat.  Perhaps true to some extent, but I do not price my products based on that thinking.


One might compare a $400.00 leather fender hook with Yacht Innovations Fender Hooks and think, how could the quality of a Yacht Innovations Fender Hook be comparable to, or perhaps be even better then the leather versions in light of such a low price?


There is no smoke and mirrors, the answer is simple.  The leather versions have a huge mark up which makes them unreasonably expensive. My Fender Hooks pricing is based on cost, not emotion.  As the literal manufacturer of all my products, I control costs very closely, which enables me to consistently offer very high quality products at very affordable prices.  It’s that simple.


I’m sure if you purchase my Fender Hooks or any of my products, you will recognize the superior quality and value, especially once you hold it in your hands.  Our return rate is virtually non-existent.  It’s because everything I wrote above is 100% true.  If you still are a doubter, I would always be very happy to send you an actual Fender Hook to hold in your hands.


My Fender Hooks are superior products at amazingly low prices. Although my low prices may unfortunately raise suspicion, I can assure you the quality will exceed your expectations.  It’s not what I say, it’s what my customers have told me!


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Kind Regards,

Jay Camina


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